Since its foundation Castiglioni has always been keenly sensitive to environmental issues. Our machines and production processes have been designed and built to prioritize the health of our personnel and to respect the environment.

The materials we work with are certified and preference is given to those having a low environmental impact. The thermal energy required for production equipment and heating our premises is entirely obtained from production waste through systems that comply with the strictest European regulations. An 850kW photovoltaic unit provides the company with 40% of its energy needs.

Our company has a research and development lab able to provide technical-scientific support to designers and to control and study product evolution, thus making it possible to obtain an innovative, guaranteed and personalized product.

Our company daycare centre, located on the Castiglioni premises, can accommodate up to 36 children at the same time, between the ages of 3 and 36 months. This is a service we provide both to the children of our staff and external children. The centre is an example of contemporary architecture built entirely of wood and it occupies a covered surface area of 400m2, including a tree lined square, a portico and an inner garden overlooking an acacia grove. The airy, bright spaces, the carefully selected materials and the beauty of the natural surroundings make it an ideal setting for a child’s early experiences at a crucial age in its development.


Castiglioni was founded in the early 60s with the aim of creating an industry based on the artisanal experience and tradition of the region of Como.

The original business plan evolved over time finally culminating in a technical-production facility known for its dynamism, flexibility and cutting edge technology. Professionals, technicians and creators will find in Castiglioni a helpful staff ready to transform their projects through customized solutions according to their specific needs. Growing demand for quality product and services has provided a constant stimulus for research and technological innovation.

The company facility now stretches over an area of 75,000 m2 including 20,000 that are covered and it employs a specialized staff of 80. Production and testing processes have been designed and are monitored through procedures that assess performance efficacy and efficiency in real time as well as the need for technological and professional upgrading. The company’s equipment and operational structures have been designed and realized in collaboration with most established companies. Personnel are provided with courses for continuous professional development.


Castiglioni was the first company in the sector to receive UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in compliance with European standards. Given that quality is our primary commitment at every level, Castiglioni set up a research and development lab able to provide technical-scientific support for control and study activities of product evolution.

Reference samples and test certificates can be provided for all our products containing the data customers require for the correct use of the materials supplied. As regards environmental policy, Castiglioni believes that our commitment to PEFC Chain of Custody Certification represents a further guarantee for our customers of our total respect for the environment and its resources.