Wood floors

Some materials age well and some just age. Generally, natural materials age well – if they have been correctly processed. Wood is one material that gains in value when it ages.

A wood floor feels good to walk on. That feeling of wellbeing comes from each of our senses that are picking up positive signals. By its very nature no wood plank is the same as another and so when we look at one our gaze skims over its nuances, finding infinite variations along the lines of its grains and visual pathways that are always new.

Our sense of touch conveys to us the warmth of a living thing, sounds become dampened and muted. And wood is always pleasantly fragrant. We process the wood species best suited for being walked on with a preference for our local hardwoods. We offer a wide range of formats and we can produce to meet the specific needs of our customer. We use solid wood at full thickness or laminated and supported to increase stability.


Wood covering over walls goes back to antiquity and it has always conferred various qualities to a dwelling space besides pure aesthetics.  Our offer includes traditional planks and boards, boiserie, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating panels. All our covering products can be customized to meet specifications in terms of format and finishing. The wood species we use are those best suited for this purpose and our fixing and finishing technologies guarantee quick execution, stability and durability over time.


Wood, if properly treated, is a material that lends itself very well to outdoor use. Proof of this we can see in the centuries’ old constructions to be found in every culture around the world, from the cabins in our mountains to Japanese temples.

Wood is a living material and by its very nature, if exposed to the elements, alters its physical and aesthetic characteristics. That’s why it is important to have an intimate knowledge of how to work it and apply it. Because it is only by respecting the evolutionary cycles of wood that we can guarantee its durability. We offer a wide range of floors, decks, coverings and structures, in the most suitable wood species, for designers who also want the warmth and beauty of wood in outdoor living spaces.