All our production is carried out to meet the specifications of our clients who will find in Castiglioni’s staff the right skills to meet their needs.

The materials we work in are mainly wood and its derivatives: MDF panels, multilayer, block board and composites. Profiles are produced on highly automated lines that allow cutting, shaping, finishing – both with laminates and natural veneers and with papers and melamines -, painting and metal fitting.

Our accurate warehouse management guarantees timely delivery.


The complexity of today’s market means we have to provide more than just high quality products but guaranteed services and timeliness. At Castiglioni, our in-house management can offer the highest quality standards with brisk execution times.

The specialized staff in our Technical Department and R&D Lab supports our clients to develop their products through our codesign service to come up with the best solution for specific production and commercial requirements.

Our shaping and covering lines, exclusively developed to the company’s specifications, allow us to obtain personalized results in terms of shape and finish according to the client’s specific requirements.

Our painting department uses the most advanced technologies and water based, environmentally friendly paint products that are organic and UV.

Our machining centres for metal fitting, customization and packaging provide extremely efficient and timely turnkey solutions.

  • Our services:
  • Design
  • Consultancy
  • Production
  • Customization
  • Metal fitting
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution