Components for doors

Castiglioni is undisputed leader in the sector of components for the door production industry. We offer the market a wide range of materials, products, treatments and customized finishings.

We manage the entire production chain: jambs, casings, door components – for both hinged and sliding doors – are entirely designed, manufactured and tested in-house. Our sizing, shaping, covering, painting, finishing, metal fitting, warehousing and packaging lines guarantee a large production capacity, with constant and guaranteed quality, timeliness and efficiency. We work with both solid wood and wood-based composite materials, designed, produced and assembled according to specific customer requirements.

Profiles for furniture

The area where Castiglioni was founded is one of the world’s most important regions for the production of quality designer furniture. 

Our geographic location, our experience and skill as well as our ongoing commitment to research and technological improvement make Castiglioni the ideal partner for the furnishings and furniture industry. Moldings and components for furniture are produced on high capacity lines that guarantee constant product quality over time. With our wide range of materials and finishings we are in a position to meet all of our customers’ needs.


Long involved in the production of moldings and profiles for architecture, Castiglioni offers the market a series of products devoted to interior and outdoor finishings.

Boiseries, floors and coverings, planks and boards, baseboards, outdoor coverings, pergolas and sunshades are produced using the materials best suited to satisfy the different needs of our customers. Companies operating as contractors, in the sector of large scale retail trade or architecture firms will find Castiglioni to be a reliable partner with more than 60 years’ experience.